Marcel Finke to lead branch office Schale

On May 1, 2017, Marcel Finke, 42, took over the management of the new location in Schale. Marcel Finke will take care of customer care, purchasing and personnel management.

“I look forward to working with Marcel Finke, who with his great experience and a great team will set new trends for Müller.”, says Marc Juste, Managing Director of Müller Holzgroßhandel GmbH. “With him we have found someone who fits in perfectly well with us, because he understands the new requirements of trade perfectly due to his education and his professional career.”

“The increasing demands on the products, the development of new semi-finished goods and services that reconcile sustainability and ecology, the serious changes in the personnel market are the challenges of the future”, says Marcel Finke. “Müller Holzgroßhandel GmbH offers a platform to meet the challenges just mentioned. I’m really looking forward to working with you. ”

Finke began his professional career after completing his apprenticeship as a woodworking mechanic and then successfully completing his studies at the Berufsakademie Mosbach at ‘Jordan’ in Kassel. There he worked as a product manager for wood-based materials. After a few years, he then took over the parental sawmill in northwest Germany and expanded the company into a modern, wood-processing industrial enterprise. The company has been expanded to include wood processing with the crate and pallet construction and formwork sectors. In 2016, the friendly families Juste and Finke decided to bundle their expertise in the timber trade and in the wood processing industry and to work together in the future. Thus, the cooperation with the company Finke was born.