• Unser Partner – Metsä Wood

    Unter dem Motto Gemeinsamkeiten herausstellen und hiermit gemeinsam wachsen, entwickelten die Häuser Metsä – Wood und Müller Holzgroßhandel GmbH in den vergangenen Jahren eine Marktstrategie und stellten sich die zentrale Frage: Wie kann man hochwertige, teure Produkte in einem Markt verkaufen, der eher auf billige Produkte ausgerichtet ist, die Anforderungen an die Selben jedoch immer höher werden?

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  • RS Structal MF

    Die RS Structal MF bietet Ihnen eine neue Strukturplatte mit Rutschhemmung an. Diese kann eingesetzt werden bei Treppen, Podesten, Balkonen, öffentlichen Bereichen bzw. Strukturbeton, wo eine Rutschhem- mung bzw. eine Struktur gewünscht ist. Der Beton hat eine leicht rauhe Struktur die sehr gefällig wirkt und sich sehr gut reinigen lässt.
    RS Structal MF
    › Grundträger RS special – P 7 Platte
    › 500 g / m2 / Melamin Film
    › Einseitig Sonderstruktur / Rückseite glatt
    › Rutschhemmung R 13 mit Zertifikat siehe Anlage

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  • Our Partner – FEPCO

    “In the search for an innovative market partner for the distribution of FEPCOs own products, we have found the company Müller Holzgrosshandel”, says Andreas Müller – Sales Manager, FEPCO International (Europe) NV.

    “With the same way of thinking and the goal of strategic market development, we have always been able to establish new products on the market, where price is not the top priority, rather the product and the advantages for the customers are essential.
    For example, we were able to establish a Chinese film plywood panel on the market under the brandname ‘MH’, which convinces users due to their improved properties.”

    “The worldwide fields of activity, the holistic product range and years of experience in international trade are our cornerstones for the distribution of imported products”, says Alexandre Juste – Managing Director of Müller Holzgrosshandel GmbH. “In addition to FEPCO’s willingness to receive suggestions from the market and adapt production processes on the spot, this approach allows us to redesign products to meet changing market needs, such as the new formwork plywood Vietnam, which meets the same requirements as a birch multiplex, but is significantly cheaper.”

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  • Marcel Finke to lead branch office Schale

    On May 1, 2017, Marcel Finke, 42, took over the management of the new location in Schale. Marcel Finke will take care of customer care, purchasing and personnel management.

    “I look forward to working with Marcel Finke, who with his great experience and a great team will set new trends for Müller.”, says Marc Juste, Managing Director of Müller Holzgroßhandel GmbH. “With him we have found someone who fits in perfectly well with us, because he understands the new requirements of trade perfectly due to his education and his professional career.”

    “The increasing demands on the products, the development of new semi-finished goods and services that reconcile sustainability and ecology, the serious changes in the personnel market are the challenges of the future”, says Marcel Finke. “Müller Holzgroßhandel GmbH offers a platform to meet the challenges just mentioned. I’m really looking forward to working with you. ”

    Finke began his professional career after completing his apprenticeship as a woodworking mechanic and then successfully completing his studies at the Berufsakademie Mosbach at ‘Jordan’ in Kassel. There he worked as a product manager for wood-based materials. After a few years, he then took over the parental sawmill in northwest Germany and expanded the company into a modern, wood-processing industrial enterprise. The company has been expanded to include wood processing with the crate and pallet construction and formwork sectors. In 2016, the friendly families Juste and Finke decided to bundle their expertise in the timber trade and in the wood processing industry and to work together in the future. Thus, the cooperation with the company Finke was born.

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  • IT-Update in February 2018

    Constantly changing influencing factors in the global procurement market, higher customer demands on the products and additional services make the use of an efficient IT management system indispensable.

    With the update, we are responding to the increased demands of the market, thus ensuring that we are a reliable partner both for our customers and for our suppliers.

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  • New branch office: Schale

    Since August 2017 we can now serve our customers from our new branch office in Schale (near Osnabrück).

    Therefore our standard delivery area expandsto the following ZIP-Codes:
    20-33, 40-49, 50-52, 58, 59
    as well as the Netherlands on demand

    Head of the branch office Schale
    Marcel Finke

    Bergstraße 1  I  48496 Schale
    Tel: +49 5457 – 9335 – 422
    Fax: +49 5457 – 9335 – 424

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  • New cutting center

    Our cooperation partner Finke Holztechnik GmbH commissioned the new cutting center. Due to the acquisition of the Mayer PS2z plate cutting machine with a cutting length of 6.30 m and a cutting height of 120 mm, our cutting capacity has been significantly increased. The automatic feeding of the system and the integrated plate turning station enable high-precision cuts, even on large format panels – from a single product to series production.

    Thanks to the connected processing, machining operations such as miter cuts, milling and drilling are no problem. On request we can seal the cut edges for you or build complete molds.

    Our service for you:

    • Edge-processable, high-precision cuts for panels up to 6.30 x 2.10 m
    • Single parts to serial production – everything is possible
    • On request: edge sealing, individual labeling, mitres, holes, milling, finished parts
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