We are certified

We are certified to use the trademark for the trade of various wood products such as sawn timber, planed timber, plywood, particleboard and fibreboard, and glued laminated panels.

We are certified

We are certified to use the trademark for the trade of lumber, plywood and wood-based materials such as shuttering.

Tegernsee Customs

The basic rules for the trade in sawn timber are the Tegernseer Gebräuche (Tegernsee customs), which regulate and describe the sawing class (Skl.) and the quality class (Gkl.) for sawn softwood. For special requirements (scaffolding, timber construction, etc), the DIN standard should be observed and specified on ordering. Special requirements could be, for example, strength and moisture content.

Processing instructions for wood products (German)

Engineered wood products is a collective term for several products, which are made by breaking wood down and bonded it together with resins. The most common engineered wood products are: plywood, chipboard and fibreboard. The special feature of engineered wood boards: through the breaking down wood and reforming with resin, the wood technological properties of solid wood are restricted.

Wood assortment (German)

The sorting rules of the Tegernseer customs and the DIN 68365 (lumber for carpentry work – sorting n.d. appearance) are not applicable in the building regulations. The building regulations refer to DIN 4074 until further notice.

Good Practice on the Building Site (German)

This information sheet covers the topics “Before Use”, “Preparation of Formwork” and “After Use”.

Selection Guide Engineered Wood Products (German)

Wood based materials – Selection guide for your project
Concrete formworks are temporary structures that are disassembled and removed after concreting. The resulting finished concrete surface is the mirror image of the formwork panels used and thus clear indication with visible features. Because of this one should particularly weigh in the selection of the formwork skin to be used which requirements are placed on the building object and with which formwork panel to ensure this.
In construction tasks without special demands on the surface quality (functional concrete) for a formwork panel, which ensures the required numbers of applications on the site, you would typically decide to use a low priced panel. For tasks with surface quality requirements (exposed concrete), the selection criteria are different. Here, first and foremost, the surface condition of the panel must be reconciled with the architect’s expectations.

Guideline Finnish Plywood (German)

Over the past 100 years, the Finnish plywood industry has developed its skills to levels that have given Finland the position of the leading plywood producer in Europe today. Finnish refined birch plywood is today one of the most advanced wood-based board products for a variety of applications such as construction, transportation and numerous specialty areas. Another main raw material for Finnish plywood is spruce. In recent decades, the Finnish industry has introduced new efficient and environmentally friendly technologies for the production of high-quality spruce plywood, especially for the specific requirements of the construction industry.