Our Partner – FEPCO

Andreas Müller
Sales Manager, Fepco International (Europe) NV

“In the search for an innovative market partner for the distribution of FEPCOs own products, we have found the company Müller Holzgrosshandel”, says Andreas Müller – Sales Manager, FEPCO International (Europe) NV.

“With the same way of thinking and the goal of strategic market development, we have always been able to establish new products on the market, where price is not the top priority, rather the product and the advantages for the customers are essential.
For example, we were able to establish a Chinese film plywood panel on the market under the brandname ‘MH’, which convinces users due to their improved properties.”

“The worldwide fields of activity, the holistic product range and years of experience in international trade are our cornerstones for the distribution of imported products”, says Alexandre Juste – Managing Director of Müller Holzgrosshandel GmbH. “In addition to FEPCO’s willingness to receive suggestions from the market and adapt production processes on the spot, this approach allows us to redesign products to meet changing market needs, such as the new formwork plywood Vietnam, which meets the same requirements as a birch multiplex, but is significantly cheaper.”

Plywood Film Vietnam (VN Plywood)

The new formwork plywood from Vietnam: Meets the same requirements as a Birch Multiplex, but is significantly cheaper.


  • high density
  • often reusable
  • suitable for exposed concrete requirements
  • very good value for money
  • adequate replacement for birch plywood

Technical Specs
Formats: 1220 x 2440 mm, 1250 x 2500 mm or on demand
Thickness: 21 mm
Density: ≥ 600kg/m³

Certified after ISO 9001:2015 and FSC-certified (FSC C118469)

No. Product level EZ Form Dura Form Top Form
1 Bonding type Weather & Boil Proof – WBP (Class 3) Weather & Boil Proof – WBP (Class 3) Weather & Boil Proof – WBP (Class 3)
2 Resin PF PF PF
3 Veneer Plantation wood Plantation wood Combi Birch
4 Overlay PSF: 125gsm;
Black Brown
PSF: 130gsm;
Black Brown
PSF: 165gsm;
Black Brown
5 Abrasive test (Rev) ≥ 300 ≥ 400 ≥ 700
6 Thickness swelling (%) ≤ 10% ≤ 8% ≤ 8%
7 Formaldehyde emission (mg/m2.h) E2 E1 E1
8 Bonding strength (N/mm2) According to standard (≥ 0.8) According to standard (≥ 1.0) According to standard (≥ 1.2)
9 Bending strength (N/mm2)

Parallel to the width of panel
Parallel to the length of panel

≥ 50 (F50)
≥ 30 (F30)
≥ 60 (F60)
≥ 30 (F30)
≥ 60 (F60)
≥ 40 (F40)
10 Modulus of elasticity (N/mm2)

Parallel to the width of panel
Parallel to the length of panel

≥ 5000 (E50)
≥ 3000 (E30)
≥ 6000 (E60)
≥ 3000 (E30)
≥ 6000 (E60)
≥ 4000 (E40)
11 Usage repetition (2 sides) Up to 15 Up to 20 Up to 30